Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 28/37 – Poland

This is potentially the song that most of the fans will have been sleeping on. 

At first glance what you have in the first verse and chorus could be mistaken for being the start of something konstrakta-esque with the Chess playing and the lyrics talking about nothing in particular, but then the song veers off at the next exit and becomes.. a mid tempo schlager song!. 

It comes as quite a juxtapose when you see the video of Luna playing chess in a Lady Gaga inspired dress and then hearing the song which could come straight outta Denmark, Estonia or even Finland and whilst it sounds incredibly familiar and has the ability to get you bopping on your chairs and sofas back home, you forget that lyrically it stops being heavy and turns into a song with lots of words but they don’t mean very much when they are put all together. 

Is that tune going to be enough to get it through the semi final – you’d think so because the audience has a tendency to gravitate to things that it knows. 

7 PointsWhen it gets to the final, though, and “music professionals” get to examine the lyrics and realise that the tune is nothing new or ground-breaking, I reckon it’s going to suffer.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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