Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 33/37 – Spain

Further to yesterday I also suspect that Nebulosa would not only fail the ducking stool test but would come back at you and tell you you are not doing it right and to do it again until you killed her properly!

Let’s not sugar coat this – this is a song about being a two bit whore of a certain age and reclaiming it – in the same way that you reclaim bricks for buildings (and she looks like she could be nandy with a hod whilst wearing a Gusset), Mr Mo thinks its the dogs whatsits – I think its just a pile of dog shite set to music and we will differ violently on this but thats ok too… 

1 PointsI’m not often stumped as to what toi write here – but in the grand tradition of my mother, if you have nothing nice to say, say nowt – so I will.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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