Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 6/37 – Belgium

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In stark contrast to Azerbaijan which I reviewed yesterday, this is much more like it!

Mustii was announced months before the contest and we were left waiting to see what he came up with.  What we got was a damn good song.  A very strong yet weird musical structure with no defined chorus’ as such but rather a bridge between two strong storytelling verses. None of that is a problem though because, or indeed despite that, this song sounds comfortingly familiar in an “Arcade” kind of way, and by that, I mean you know instantly the story that Mustii is selling to you, and he wraps this up in a box and presents it to you with the final 30 seconds repeating the title of the song.

When I first heard it, I thought: “That’s just lazy songwriting”, but when I’ve come to review it, I really *really* get it.

12 Points

It’s walking out of the semi-final, so let’s just accept that, When it gets to the final it’s gonna get all the juries ticking all the boxes and with a damn good performance, that I expect, this is going to be in the final shake-up. Can I see credits rolling over it? – yes, but don’t tell Kaleen!



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