The Poles have made my words dry up!

Kasia Mos

Poland appears after a short hiatus for us to calm down after Demy.  Kasia and her very dodgy rhyming dictionary (Fire, desire, higher and wire in one run… kudos to you!!) then came on stage with a ballad of the 80’s and 90’s.

Kasia on stageThe vocals that Kasia puts out here are very strong indeed and there is only a backing violinist on stage for company with her – which is possibly all that she needs. The stage is very blue and has the word “Freedom” on the background at some point in the song (towards the end if I remember rightly).

To be deadly honest, there is not a lot about this song that you can say. It’s big and ballsy and grabs you by the throat and says “Vote for me” – which is better than the Greek song.

Words have failed me but, ‘Flashlight’ is decent and also has a very long note at the end which guarantees the gays!