Pony Tail or Pony Club? – You choose….


This song is a total oxymoron. On the one hand it should be somewhat “filthy” and suggestive. Lyrically it’s all about being somewhat naughty in the bedroom … or indeed any other room that Jana fancies. It should be the kind of song that has the performer grabbing you literally by your gonads and saying “either sleep with me or vote for me”.

Visually though, Jana looks too prim and proper … and the filthiest she would probably ever get would be mucking out her pony “Dobbin” in the back of the stables. She certainly wouldn’t take the farmhand in there as the song suggests.

And that’s a shame. This needs to be sold to the masses because she has a good product here – it’s got a fine hook, decent lyric and the potential to be a top 10 song.

Performed without attitude, it will be forgotten in the first four and could slip down the table … not because it’s bad but because it’s not memorable enough.

If the (FYR) Macedonian delegation are reading this, it’s good and it’s nearly there, she just needs to get down and dirtier.

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