Salvador keeps it in the family at Eurovision

Salvador and Luisa Sobral

After a few years away, Portugal is back at Eurovision. This year, Salvador Sobral will perform the song Amar Pelos Dois (Love enough for two).

The winner of Festival da Canção was decided by a public televote and points awarded from seven regional juries.

The song is written by his sister Luísa (pictured), and her attitude to Eurovision is refreshing: ‘I did not write it thinking of the competition. I wanted to write a beautiful song. Then I noticed reading blogs that the only goal is to win… and I’m not like that, I wanted to write a song that represents me, that could be on a record of mine, a song that I could be proud of and that’s what I did.’

It’s a marmite song. You’re either blown away by its simplicity and the captivating performance (me) or see it as a snooze fest (probably the rest of Europe). I can’t put my finger on it, but something in this works for me.

Judge for yourselves: