Salvador: A victory for music


Salvador Sobral has given Portugal their first ever Eurovision Song Contest victory. He won both the jury and popular vote with the song ‘Amar Pelos Dois” – Love enough for two (ish).

Salvador invited his sister up on stage to sing the winning song after a winning speech where he hit out at “fast food music”.

“This could be a victory for music and for people who make music that actually means something. Music is not fireworks, music is feeling so let’s try to change this and bring music back which is really what matters,” the singer said.

Talk about not reading the room!

In a press conference afterwards, however, Sobral acknowledged a debt of gratitude to Eurovision, praising the show. “After this beautiful festival people got to know me and I’m thankful for that.”

With the jury points complete, Portugal held a commanding lead, having scored 12 with fifteen countrues. They went on to take the televote, picking up a total of 758 points. Second place went to Bulgaria with Moldova third. The early favourite Italy ended sixth.