San Marino: Jimmie is a welcome distraction from the song

Valentina and Jimmie

I missed most of San Marino as I was lusting over Juicy Papi in his press conference, but what I did catch is, well, top notch cheap entertainment for none of the right reasons.

Valentina Monopoly (for she extends her stranglehold on the Sammirinese participation) fancies herself as a club kid, and is dressed in a baseball cap and some black and white trousers, back in the front, white behind. She and Jimmie belt this out, looking at times like they might as well be on different stages.

Whilst her pants are two-toned, her partner Jimmie is almost too toned, all bulging biceps when he slips his jacket off. It’s a not-unpleasant effect, and a welcome distraction from the song, which really is rubbish of the highest order, only ever destined to find success in the EuroClub, where I’m sure Valentina will be found shrugging off another non-qualification next Thursday. I’ll look forward to a little bopette with Jimmie.

Monty x