Well Sweden *is* expensive!

This week you got two hours of Mello fun.  The standard fifth semi-final heat was first up where your usual six acts fought for two direct places to the grand final next week (thank the lord!)

The results are as below – Just a reminder it’s televoting only for both rounds of the Semi Final

SongPerformer(s)Round 1Round 2Psn
UnforgettableMarcus & MartinusQ
ControllaChelsea Muco424
Back to My RootsJay Smith733SF
Banne majElecktra285
LightAnnika Wickihalder792SF
Que SeraMedina821Q

Why don’t you remind yourself of what qualified in Heat One, Heat Two, or even Heat Three Or Heat Four You know you want to!


The fun didn’t end there.  The 3rd and 4th place songs from all five heats faced the Swedish public one more time to get two more through to the final.  The scoring system was explained to me months ago but I still didn’t understand it.  The results of it were as below

SongArtistHeat PtsFinal qualificationTotalPsn
Forever YoursElisa Lindström845814210
SupernaturalAdam Woods106831896
The Silence After YouDear Sara103661698
Unga & friaFröken Snusk111
För digKlaudy86781649
I Won't Shake (La La Gunilla)Gunilla Persson1011132145
Done Getting Over YouAlbin Tingwall96891857
Circus XScarlet1001222224
LightAnnika Wickihalder1071382451Q
Back to my RootsJay Smith1061292353

So 1-2-3-4 from the last Semi-Final ALL got through and the massive plastique horse got done over by getting less votes in the final qualifying round.  It’s going to rumble on I reckon through the press…

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