Faral Error

Hungary has once again treated us to a decent heat; the second of three in the first phase of A Dal. In case you missed the first heat (and how could you with the lovely Freddy presenting?).

The top five from the jury and televote go through to the semifinal stage (marked with a Q) along with another qualifier (q) from a second round of televoting only.

The shakedown? - well you can see that in the table below.  Congratulations to the six qualifiers and tune in next week for your third instalment, or another 90 minutes of Freddie, whichever floats your boat.

La Mama HotelDávid Heatlie34
RosesThe Middletonz41Q
You're Gonna RiseKlára Hajdu32
Csak 1 percGotthy26
Nyári záporAcoustic Planet43Q
KulcsFatal Error45Q
SzótlanságBence Vavra39Q
Little BurdDiana24
ŐThe Sign38Q