Selectia Nationala for Romania chooses a bespectacled youth!

Theodor Andrei

In a change to the usual free-for-all, TVR has, seemingly, decided that no press and no audience will be at the Selectia Nationala this year – I wonder if this is in response to what happened last year? Who knows!

What we do know, however, is that in a made-for-television two-and-a-half-hour “show”, twelve acts took to the stage to catfight for the ticket to Liverpool. The results of which can be seen below.

For the record they were chosen by combining the online vote set up by TVR and SMS voting – totals were not announced at the time of the result and my Romanian numbers were wrong so I have corrected the table below with the proper results.

Call on meDeiona18789
No time for meAndrada Popa160610
Take you homeOcean Drive146911
StatuesAndrei Dutu22693
D.G.T. (off and on)Theodor Andrei52301
LeleSteven Roho x Gabriella x Formatia Albatros28576
Bla bla blaAledaida42504
FaralaesAdriana Moraru92512
Hai vinoMaryliss24717
Bad & coolJax Man24598
Perinita meaAndreea D Folclor Orchestra48452

So this….. thing went and won in Romania – I don’t know what to make of it but it’ll have its fans