Serbia – Back by populist demand?

Serbian musician

So it seems the clamour to be the next Serbian entrant to the Eurovision knows no bounds as their broadcaster, RTS, has had to announce an extension to the submission period to their next selection round, the snappily titled “Beovizija 2018”.

For those of you old enough to remember (and not young enough to have found the contest in 2010), Beovizija was the national final that recycled the stage from Eurovision 2008 for a couple of years, so that RTS could get their money’s worth. Oh, and it also gave us the breaking up of Serbia and Montenegro live before our eyes.

Thankfully, things seem to have calmed down since 2006, and after a nine-year absence it’s back. According to the rules, you can participate if you’re foreign, but your singer must be a Serbian Citizen. In a nod to free language, you can sing your song in any one of Serbia’s official languages – so that’s all OK then.

RTS also say that there will be a 10-song final with jury and televoting to decide the winner ,so it really is back to the old days! I’s not quite the 80’s Jugovizija but we’re getting there!

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