Serbia picks successor to Konstrakta

Luke Black
(c) RTS Serbia

The Serbian artist and song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 was picked this evening at Pesma za Evroviziju 23.

After two semifinals this week, sixteen acts lined up to score their place in the Liverpool Contest during a show hosted by Milan Marić and Dragana Kosjerina.

Scoring came from the much-loved 50/50 split of an expert jury and the general public. The winner ending second with both the jury and the public, after finishing sixth in one of the semifinals – go figure.

DrawArtistSongJury VotesPointsTelevotesPointsTotalPlace
1Stefan Shy"Od jastuka do jastuka"3276,1314116
2Boris Subotić"Nedostupan"702,2040013
3Nadia"Devojka tvog dečka"824,424248
4Duo Grand"Viva la Vida"403,0050013
5Nađa"Moj prvi ožiljak na duši"52128,1116183
6Frajle"Neka, neka"303,7150013
7Hurricane"Zumi zimi zami"003,8741112
8Chegi & Braća Bluz Band"Svadba ili kavga"205,1443310
10Luke Black"Samo mi se spava"491020,07010201
11Filip Baloš"Novi plan drugi san"4188,5297154
12Princ"Cvet sa Istoka"31620,39812182
13Filarri"Posle mene"002,4140013
15Empathy Soul Project"Indigo"1232,1700311

Luka Ivanović, better known as Luke Black, is a Serbian singer-songwriter. Born in Čačak, he became the first Serbian artist to be signed under Universal Music Group, through which he released his debut EP Thornes in February 2015. After being shortlisted for the Eurovision role in 2016, he is set to represent Serbia in Liverpool with the song “Samo mi se spava“.


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