Slovenia will be represented at Eurovision 2024 by Raiven – Burn her?!

Slovenia’s representative at Eurovision 2024 is Raiven, say RTVSLO. The song entitled “Veronika” will be premiered in a special show on Television Slovenia on January 20.

“I’m very happy, I’m very grateful, honoured and a little scared,” was the first reaction of Raiven at today’s media gathering at SNG Opera and Ballet in Ljubljana. Her song, it is said, tells the story of Veronika Deseníška, the first woman to be accused of witchcraft Slovenia. The singer believes that her story is still relevant today. One of the messages of her song is that it was not about witches, but about women who were accused of witchcraft. – she’s reimagining Mrs Caroline Robinson, isn’t she?!

Upcoming release

Veronika will end up on her upcoming release Sirene, which she announced will be released on February 17, 2024. The tracks she will place on the album are based on exploring the stories of iconic women from different historical periods.

“Veronika was one of the first three songs that I created for the upcoming short album and I was involved in them from the beginning in the role of producer,” said Raiven about the song, adding: “Veronika is me, Veronica is you.”

Vanja Vardjan , editor-in-chief of the entertainment program of Television Slovenia , explained that when choosing a representative, there was a change compared to last year

“All countries are in some way looking for a formula for success, in recent years almost half of them have decided to choose the representative that guarantees success,” he said.

He added:

“I firmly believe that Raiven will present Slovenia to Europe and the world with the song Veronika, which will be sung in Slovenian. She is an exceptional musician, with many musical hits and versatile talent. We were looking for quality, success and popularity. I think that the international expert panel did a good job and that we are going to Malmö with a strong performer and a great composition.”

As he added, the jury evaluated not only the composition and the performance, but also all other elements that brought success to this year’s representatives, Joker Out, because the composition and singing are not enough, but the whole package is important.

Should we expect a burning at the stake on stage in Malmo, or a ducking stool?!