Sweden: Who got the golden ticket?

And so, after six weeks of the usual Swedish Television shenanigans, the curtain has come down on another Eurovision on-season with Melodifestivalen 2021.

This year-like every year-the twelve qualified songs took part in a final of gargantuan proportions that looked like a very well-put-together TV show (because that’s what it is!), and Melodifestivalen still definitely aimed at the home market.

Despite this, for the first time ever, there was the option of an English language commentary – which I listened to for an entire 90 seconds before getting annoyed and going back to the local version, as it made more sense!


There were eight regional juries and eight sets of televote juries – based on age – and the full result is as follows:

Song Performer(s) Jury Televote Total Psn
Dandi dansa Danny Saucedo 39 35 74 7
Beat of broken hearts Klara Hammarström 43 36 79 6
New religion Anton Ewald 9 16 25 11
In the middle The Mamas 50 56 106 3
The missing piece Paul Rey 18 7 25 12
Still young Charlotte Perrelli 32 28 60 8
Voices Tusse 79 96 175 1
Baila baila Alvaro Estrella 7 19 26 10
Behöver inte dig idag Clara Klingenström 39 52 91 5
Every minute Eric Saade 69 49 118 2
Little tot Dotter 57 48 105 4
Tänker inte alls gå hem Arvingarna 22 22 44 9

Tusse gained all of the points available from the televote (8×12), making him the clear public favourite. His combined total is one of the highest since this way of working out the televotes started. ‘Voices’ is currently number 3 in he Swedish charts.

Here’s the song, see what you think!

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