So those 10 qualifiers in a random order were…

It’s all over for the first semifinal and here’s who you’ll hear again on Saturday – like it or not!

  • Serbia
  • Portugal
  • Slovenia
  • Ukraine
  • Lithuania
  • Finland
  • Cyprus
  • Croatia
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg

Same time on Thursday then?

And, and while we’ve got your attention, here’s where they’re slated to appear in the running order on Saturday so far:

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21 days ago

For the sake of fun, here is the ranking of the qualifiers on your countdown:

Serbia – 34
Portugal -22
Slovenia – 27
Ukraine – 9
Lithuania – 18
Finland – 37
Cyprus – 23
Croatia – 8
Ireland – 35
Luxembourg- 19

20 days ago

Should Serbia be disqualified?!

During Poland’s performance the Serbian broadcaster switched off the broadcast to show the arrival of Chinese leader in Serbia ! Then continued the broadcast on another channel. Serbian fans are fuming, this obviously impacted Poland most but also the artists that followed after.

I feel like EBU focuses more on Eric Saade than actually this which is conflicting with ebu rules and impacting the artists . Also wondering if Serbia’s backup jury was used in this case ?