So what have Serbia gone and done?

Pesma za Evroviziju 22​

Pesma za Evrovizija has passed me by, I’m not gonna lie here, possibly because I have been up to my eyes in work, possibly because there are too many NFs to cope with, who can say, what I can say is that I also forgot Konstrakta made the final (washing her hands again)  Does that make me a bad fan journalist? – yeah possibly, but hey.

Televote and Jury decided the winner and the results were as below.  I’d forgotten I can count in Serbian!

DomIva Lorens20212
Luna parkDžordži1568
Gnezdo orlovoBreskvica512172
RamondaTeya Dora1210221
DnoMarko Mandic00014
Jutra bez tebeNemanja Radoševic00014
Moje tvojeMilan Bujakovic00014
DijamantiKeni nije mrtav02212
Lik u ogledaluZorja107173
Novo, boljeKonstrakta88164
No No NoBojana and David0667
Zovi me LenaLena Kovacevic6069
Zbog tebe živimDušan Kurtic4376

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