So why, Phil, do you do this? – For days like today – fool!

Edgar Allen Unicorn

Oh Austria you little beauty!

Our Eurovision saviours have arrived and this year they are not from the moon but froim Austria via Serbia.  I have had this on loop all damn day and, to my ears, it is bloody brilliant.  It not like ORF have a history of this kind of thing – oh.. hang on?

Same idea, just updated somewhat!  Also, as you will know if you are not a foetus, it’s not the first sighting of Edgar Allen Poe in this contest.

Later in the day we had… something completely different

To me, this is something that any Swedish composer would put in MF if they had nothing else left to give.  Its two songs clearly gaffertaped together and, sadly, it just leaves me cold.  It’s ok… but bang average.

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