Spain reveals its Eurovision hand for 2020

Blas Cantó has today seen the release of an official music video for the Spanish 2020 Eurovision entry ‘Universo‘, making it just the second Contest song to reach our ears this time around.

The electropop song was composed by Blas, alongside Dan Hammond, Dangelo Ortega, Maciej Mikolaj Trybulec and Ash Hicklin, and produced by Dan Hammond and Maciej Mikolaj. ‘Universo’ was chosen for Rotterdam from 50 songs.

If you’re the kind of person who cares about such things, the video sees Blas walking through a bleak landscape while apologising for misdoings in an attempt to change his destiny. Fingers crossed for Rotterdam, then. There’s a lovely big note in there that’s just aching to be missing.

The moody clip was filmed in the Canary Islands and directed by Cristian Velasco.

Universo will be Big Five broadcaster RTVE’s 60th entry in the Eurovision Song Contest.