Stones to gather no qualification?


So, after we largely ignored the Swiss selection, they went right ahead of picked a song.

ESC 2018 – Die Entscheidungsshow took place this evening at SRF’s Studio 1 in Zürich, hosted by Sven Epiney. The winning entry was determined by a 50% public televote and 50% international jury vote.

From the 670 entries submitted, a jury – made up of so-called music and TV professionals – got rid of swathes of songs. After many days of gnashing teeth, they came up with a select list of six.

What was the result?

Song    Performer(s) Jury Televote  Total Psn
Stones Zibbz  76  77  153 1
A thousand times Angie Ott  26  39 65 5
Kiss me Naeman  14  19 33 6
Secrets and lies Chiara Dubey  22  44 66 4
Compass Alejandro Reyes  72 48 120 2
Redlights Vanessa Iraci  42  25 67 3

And here it is


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