So who has succeeded Slavko as the next Montenegrin to the slaughter?

Vanja Radovanović

Tonight you have had your answer.

The Montenegrins, clearly on a budget, had a five song final entitled “Montevizija” (harking back to the good old days there, it seems). But in a break from tradition 100% SMS voting decided the winner in TWO rounds of voting. Five down to three and then three down to one, (so I wonder who had the most SIM cards?)- Well you can see below!

Song Performer Psn
Disem Nina Petkovic Not Top 3
Inje Vanja Radovanovic 1st
Poljupci Ivana Popovic Martinovic Not Top 3
Nezeljena Katarina Bogicevic 2nd
Dušu mi daj Lorena Jankovic 3rd

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