Sudden Lights – Will they walk alone?

Next up in this revolving door of interviews are Sudden Lights from Latvia.

The second dress rehearsal was good; some tiny adjustments need to be made, but their creative said they need to continue doing what they are doing right. A mantra for everyone I reckon.

Sudden Lights were formed in 2012 – they had a huge party and tour for their tenth anniversary and released their third album. Lots of concerts around Latvia but they want to celebrate their eleventh anniversary in Liverpool! The boys are going to Anfield tonight to see Liverpool play but have not had much time to see the city.

Moving onto the song, the title is the most peaceful and powerful word in the Latvian language. It is something akin to a lullaby in different contexts, and that is where they got the inspiration for the song from. They reckon that a lullaby is the most soothing music the world needs now, and their song helps that.

Are they going to release more English language music? Yes, they are, and they have something on the go that is probably an English Language album, by the sounds of things.  One of their favourite songs is In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins, I didn’t realise they were that boring!  

They then break into a Latvian version of My Star when asked what their favourite Latvian entry is – I was hoping for them to sing I Wanna, but I have been saddened!.