“Super”nova Semi final? Where is Riga Beaver?

I think thats the question that everyone needs to be posing to LTV quite honestly.

I didn’t even know that this show was a thing, till I came to do the writing up of Saturday’s stuff so I quickly had to look at what was happening.

The shortlisted 14 songs will be sung and a number of them (Ten) will qualify for next week’s final. Is removing four songs actually worth another television show? Those Latvians have to fill the time with something, I guess.

Those 14 songs were, and indeed are:

Love vibesArturs HattiQ
TrickyAlise HaijimaQ
When it all fallsToms KalderauskisQ
Beaten downKatrine Miller
Like I wannaAdriana Miglane
You said24. AvenijaQ
ForeverMarkus RivaQ
Let me goAvéiQ
Fake loveRaumQ
You to hold meLuizeQ
AijaSudden LightsQ