Eurovision Countdown 24 – Sweden according to Mo

One thing is clear, SVT don’t plan on having to stage this two years in a row.

It’s back to the pretty-ish boy funk-pop that grazed the middle of the scoreboard for a few years as they got ready for another win. I won’t be the only one to spot the irony of how forgettable ‘Unfortgettable’ turns out to be.

It’s inoffensive, like the kind of thing you used to hear in Spanish hotel discos five years ago. The thing is, this year seems to be all about either being weird and stand-out or very good at singing a very good song.

The boys are neither.

Nul pointsI don’t think I’ve ever given Sweden nul points before. It’s hard to explain just how much I detest this song after two or there great years.


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