Swedish Melodifestivalen line-up complete

Melodifestivalen 23 semifinal

It was ‘second chance’ time in Sweden – though we’re not really supposed to call it that any more. let’s say TV viewers were asked to pick through the songs they didn’t think good enough first time around to make up numbers in next week’s national final – the one everyone is fairly sure Loreen is going to win. – So why bother turning up? – well I guess to get your faces on television in front of 80 percent of all Swedes watching TV.

After a show that I quite liked, I still can’t get my head round the presenters being any good though BUT Pernilla Wahlgren got into the Hall of Fame so its not all bad.  Here’s how it all went down

"Mer av dig"Theoz70Q
"One Day"Mariette63Q
"Diamonds"Victor Crone28
"Now I Know"Tennessee Tears55
"Raggen går"Elov & Beny18
"For the Show"Melanie Wehbe22
"Släpp alla sorger"Nordman75Q
"Where Did You Go"Kiana69Q