Are Switzerland trying to get back into the final?

Swiss contenders

So, after we have largely ignored the Swiss selection, it seems that they have been busy getting songs from all over the place for their national final.

From the 670 entries submitted, a jury – made up of so-called music and TV professionals – got rid of swathes of songs. After many days of gnashing teeth, they came up with a select list of six.

So who are the entrants?

Zibbz  – Stones
Angie Ott – A thousand times
Naeman – Kiss me
Chiara Dubey – Secrets and lies
Alejandro Reyes – Compass
Vanessa Iraci – Redlights

SSR has helpfully put together a YouTube playlist, so you can watch them to your heart’s content.

But how are they going to select the song? Well, it’s the good old 50/50 televote/jury that decides the winner.

Is there a finalist amongst them? Who knows, but take a listen and judge for yourself!