Eurovision Countdown 24 – Switzerland according to Mo

This and the Irish song have a lot in common. They’ve both chucked a bunch of nonsense around what is basically a conventional and engaging chorus.

Unlike Bambi Thug, the guys whispering in Nemo’s ear have pointed out that this is a song contest  and that if you have something good, you should plonk it centre-stage not surround it with cynical madness.

The first half of ‘The Code’ is a scrapbook of disparate ideas, a bit of wailing, whining, mumbling, rapping and operatic, but then the chorus kicks in and doesn’t truly let up until the last note sounds out.

10 pointsThe Irish wanted a song, a voice and a show. The Swiss have just that.
Ireland, this is how you do bonkers.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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