The Eurovision shouting contest

    Photo: Indrek Galetin (EBU)
    Kamil Mikulčík & Nela Pocisková

    Phil: I’m sure that the concept was going to be a good one – Kamil Mikulčík & Nela Pocisková – A nice male/female duet, with her having a powerful voice and him appealing to a certain section of the viewing public. But oh dear dear it’s turned into music to slit your wrists by. She starts screaming towards the end and, frankly, I’m about to join her… It ends up being the Eurovision Shouting Contest. Did I mention that this song was not that good?!

    Franko: Hmm. What can I say about this? Well it’s like one of those damn bookcases you buy that are flat-packed and you try desperately to follow the incomprehensible instructions and put it all together but somehow it doesn’t quite fit together and there’s always a screw left over. That’s precisely what it feels like they’ve done with this song. None of it’s component parts are bad as such, they just don’t seem to belong together. The vocal ranges of the two singers don’t go together and it feels like they’re singing different songs to each other , yelling louder and louder in their bid to out-sing each other. Sorry folks but I can’t see this going within a country mile of the final, it’s going to be stuck in Sudetenland forever more. See you next year Slovakia, hopefully.