Monika Marija

Another week of song and show from Lithuanian broadcaster LRT. The crud has been ditched and the stakes raised as we enter the second round. Two semifinals are set to further sift out the entries for a (long-awaited) final. Only the (four) strongest survive.

The viewers agreed with the jury on the winning song. But little else. Here is how it played out:

ArtistSongJury votesPublic calls loggedPublic votesTotal
Monika MarijaLight on1231921224
Jurgis BrūzgaCTRL ALT DELETE10815515
Henry & Tommy ModricNeverpart71171714
Justina Budaitė-JunàStrength of a woman10786414
Emilija GogolytėRiddle116941011
Edgaras LubysTo the sky4994610
Lukas BartaškaRiver of hope21410810
Saulės KliošasLaiko mašina553527


Image Credits: LRT.