The must-attend Eurovision preview parties for every superfan

Barcelona Eurovision Party

Eurovision preview parties are promotional events held in the weeks leading up to the Eurovision Song Contest. These parties typically feature live performances from acts representing various countries in the upcoming contest, giving fans an opportunity to see the artists and hear their entries before the main event.

The primary goals of Eurovision preview parties are to generate buzz around the participating acts, provide additional exposure for the songs, and create opportunities for artists to connect with fans, the media, and the broader Eurovision community. Additionally, these events give performers a chance to refine their live performances and stage presence in preparation for the high-pressure environment of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Key parties

Barcelona Eurovision PartyThe most important Eurovision preview parties are typically those that draw the largest crowds, feature the most acts, and receive the most media coverage. The Barcelona preview party featured on BBC News this time around. Still to come, Amsterdam will host Eurovision in Concert, London has its own Eurovision Party, Israel calling takes over in Jerusalem, Madrid hosts PrePartyES, and a new Polish party arrives in Warsaw on 1 April.

While there is no definitive measure of the benefits of participating in the Eurovision Song Contest preview party circuit, it is generally seen as a helpful strategy for acts competing in the contest.


There are numerous factors that contribute to success at Eurovision. However, some acts have gained momentum and increased their visibility as a result of strong performances at Preview parties.

Conchita Wurst performance at the 2014 Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam helped build the buzz around “Rise Like a Phoenix.”. Duncan Laurence created a strong fanbase for his winning song “Arcade.” Netta’s preview party performances helped her gain exposure and support for “Toy,” showcasing her unique style and engaging stage presence. Eleni Foureira’s high-energy performances during the preview parties gained her significant attention and support, with many fans impressed by her live vocals and stage presence.


It is challenging to pinpoint specific acts that have negatively influenced their chances at the Eurovision Song Contest due to poor performances at preview parties. However, there have been instances where acts may have lost some momentum or struggled to make a strong impression during these events.

Latvian band Triana Park’s 2017 performances at preview parties received mixed reviews, with some critics noting that their live vocals were not as strong as they could have been. North Macedonian Eye Cue’s performances of “Lost and Found” at 2018 preview parties struggled to help them develop a cohesive stage presence. In 2017, Manel Navarro’s preview party performances of “Do It for Your Lover” were criticised for being lackluster and failing to connect with audiences.

It is essential to remember that a poor performance at a preview party does not necessarily mean an act will fare less well at the Eurovision Song Contest. Many factors come into play, including the staging, live vocals, and overall impression on the night of the contest. Additionally, acts can learn from their experiences at preview parties and make improvements before the actual competition.

Have you been to any parties – do you plan on going? How important do you think they turn out to be?

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1 year ago

As someone who attended many Amsterdam preview parties, I can say, without doubt, that they are quite fun to attend but have no influence over performer’s chance or no chance at the real contest.
I regard the preview parties as a chance to see the acts live, as oppose to watching TV, as I am most likely not going to travel to the real Eurovision.
The preview parties should be nothing more than the fun they are suppose to be. And if someone can or can’t sing live, it doesn’t matter at the time of the party, as it will matter when he/she/they are on Eurovision stage.

As for the examples in your article:
Conchita only gained momentum when rehearsals started. The preview party didn’t attribute to that.
Netta was criticized for her costume she wore during Eurovision In Concert and it raised questions in regards to her sense of Fashion.

To sumarize: the preview parties are meaningless and harmless fun.