The Second semi Final in Norway – Results

Following on from Last Week’s First semi final heat we have, surprisingly, the second heat.  I know, shocking isn’t it.   As an aide memoire, the six songs were all sung at the NRK Studio’s in Oslo with the top three  going through to the final on the 3rd February.

In the run-up to this heat, Mileo has been mired in some twitter controversy with some of the interactions he’s been having with people but I reckon its all a storm in a teacup.. unless you know better.

I can confirm that there were no protests like there were last week which also meant that there was more time for the banal guests to talk more between the songs – it does make me wonder why this show needs padding out, but i’m no telly exec.   Anyhoo the results are now below – and there is a bit of a shock here!

You're MineMileo
Touch of VenusEli Kristin
My AISuper Rob and Erika NorwichQ
Judge Tenderly of MeDag Erik Oksvold and Anne FagermoQ


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