Theodor – So where are the other two chipmunks?


Theodor’s second rehearsal was better than his first rehearsal – thankfully – He then goes off on a rant about how you should vote for youth etc. His team are professional, and they understand what they ask for.  They are starting to work together well, and the results are showing on stage.

He laments the free time he hasn’t had, not one weekend off in eight years. Eurovision doesn’t give him stage fright. Instead, he worries about his overconfidence and is living life to the max. The song means a lot to him as he has written everything, and the song comes from his heart. It’s a battle between logic and emotion and how that can damage you in the long term. Very deep!

What is his favourite book? – Great Expectations or Paper Towns. He reads theatre and plays because he is an actor in Bucharest. Last week he read Amadeus, the play where he will play Mozart! – Does this boy’s talent know any bounds? – He says you can’t learn to be a genius…  no comment, m’lud.

He mentions some artists in Romania that you should listen to. Does he pick his clothes? – His stylist chooses most of the clothes at Eurovision, the same outfit but several colours, and the Pikachu socks are his idea.

Little Richard and Elvis Presley are his musical influences, and Michael Jackson’s Bad was one of the main reasons he became a performer. Currently, he is listening to Jonny Logan and has sung all 37 songs on his YouTube channel!