They ain’t entering the final furlong yet!

You see,  I’m going to let you into a secret.  I’ve got press access to the rehearsals of Melodifestivalen this year so I’ve seen what you all just saw approximately 24 hours before you did.  I’m still stunned about seeing a woman in a ski mask riding a neon version of Shergar singing a schlagertasic romp around the stage… It’s going to take me many weeks to recover, I can tell you.

There were five other songs as well, including fan favorite Liamoo, all fighting out for two places in the final and, failing that, two places in the rather nebulous Sixth round they have tacked onto the end of Heat Five.

The results are:

SongArtistRound 1Rd 2 PointsPsn
When I'm GoneMaria Sur 821Q
NorrlandEngmans Kapell355
The Silence After YouDear Sara562SF
Unga & friaFröken Snusk483SF

An expected qualification for Liamoo there as he was the class in this field by a long way. The other five in this semi you could throw a blanket over in my mind but Maria Sur ran away with it!

Why don’t you remind yourself of what qualified in Heat One?  You know you want to!

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