They’ve announced the songs for Benidormfest 24

So yes, once again RTVE have decided to brighten up the ex-pats February and decamp, so to speak, to the Costa del Britain for some fun in the sun, Eurovision style.

As we all know, they have expanded the contest to encompass sixteen songs of varying quality for the Spanish fans to go ga-ga over for the next short time and, when one is chosen, for them to repeatedly tell you it’s going to win before, inevitably, it doesn’t.

The sixteen-strong shortlist

So who are the poor unfortunates subjectting themselves to this circus? Well here is a link on RTVE’s website that has all the official preview videos.

Click “episodes” at the bottom and 2024 is displayed first.

According to Twitter, it seems that Angy is a pre contest favourite but who knows…  I’m sure you’ll have your own opinions!