They’ve chosen a song – will it go?

So,. we have had Last week’s and the week before’s Semifinals and, if honest, they have rather passed me by because, and this is just my opinion, RUV is making this whole selection process a sideshow for “reasons“.  They’ve already said that it “would be up to the winner” if they participated or not but as I have said elsewhere, RUV might be taking a moral stand, but the high ground is lonely and potentially expensive.

Still, I’m going to treat this like it is a “normal” national final.  Televoting only decided the winner of a five-song, two-and-a-half-hour show.. talk about over-egging the pudding!  The results were announced quite early and I thought they were the winners… then I forgot that Iceland does a Superfinal and it ended up being the fight to the death that everyone thought it might be.

The results are:

SongPerformer(s)1st RoundSuperfinal
Scared of HeightsHera BjörkQ1
Wild WestBashar MuradQ2
Into the AtmosphereSigga Ózk

A bit of a shock result there with Hera Bjork overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds and the weight of Twitter ” Opinion”.  To answer the question posed, she’s already said she’d go to Malmo.

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