Those Maltese know how to Whoop it up….

Malta ESC 2023

Well, it seems that Malta and controversy go together like Malta and brown envelopes stuffed with government cash – allegedly.

They have already had three semi finals which were, seemingly, just a vehicle to get the 40 songs on their long list out into the public domain, because there was no voting after show. Only once they had all been performed but, unless you have been living under a tree for the last few weeks, AIDEN, the golden boy of fans everywhere, was disqualified because of a breach of the rules.

The smell of “we’ve got to get rid of him” went round the internet like cholera, and he threatened legal action but, ultimately, that came to nothing.

Who is in it to win it?

24 songs competed on a doubtlessly Cisk-fuelled last night at Ta’Qali in front of a mob of people who wont be able to get a taxi home. Sixteen songs, through the medium of SMS and Jury, got through and here, for completeness, is that list.

Nathan"Creeping Walls"391211
Chris Grech"Indescribable"277346
Maxine Pace"Alone"2845734
Fabrizio Faniello"Try to Be Better"129218
Geo Debono"The Mirror"03315
Ian"On My Own"193227
Eliana Gomez Blanco"Guess What"1010209
The Busker"Dance (Our Own Party)"41801211
Giada"I Depend on You"12314
Matt Blxck"Up."4531763
Cheryl Balzan"La La Land"54913
Christian Arding"Eku ċar"1161710
Ryan Hili"In the Silence"4144852
Dan"It'll Be OK"821012