Two broadcasters extend Eurovision submission deadlines

Deadline extended

Broadcasters in Azerbaijan and San Marino have extended their Eurovision 2023 submission deadlines.

The Azerbaijani entry will be internally selected by İctimai Television. The broadcaster initially opened a song submission period from 8 to 31 December 2022 for interested composers to enter their songs. Today they extended the deadline to 15 January, stating they wanted to encourage more Azerbaijani composers to enter, after more than 200 songs were received, almost all from foreign songwriters.

Una Voce

In San Marino, the deadline has been pushed back a month from 15 January to 13 February. Back in November, San Marino TV stated it had received over 700 submissions, so today’s extension suggests quality wasn’t high.

The semi-finals for Una Voce per San Marino will be held on 18, 19, and 20 February and broadcast (on a delay) by SMRTV.


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