Well we are back!! – but what happened?

Hello to you, oh visitor to OnEurope!

You may have noticed that we have been shut for the Christmas holidays – a bit like Lewis’s or Bratt and Dykes (Believe me, unless you are from Stoke or surrounds you certainly won’t know what Bratt and Dykes were!) – we’ve had a cold. Specifically, a nasty virus that went into most, if not all, of the site.

That’ll explain why you lot have been getting pop-ups and shit.  Not only that, but we’ve been hacked on Twitter as well – we can’t actually log in to oneurope_esc but we *can* post to it – hence some of you are seeing that here.

If you want to, can you subscribe to @OnEuropeESC as well, because once our numbers are high enough – we’ll migrate over to that one – because no one on God’s green earth is going to guess the password to that one!

So now we are back – with a different coat of paint (Thanks Mo) we’re going to be back with all the stuff you like and 983 pieces of stuff you won’t like – but hey, that’s the OnEurope way.

Thanks for all the comments and goodwill over our JESC coverage – we did right well and we enjoyed, mostly, doing all the coverage.  Even when we borrowed James from Eurovision Ireland – He did a sterling job.

As the King Singers once sang…

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome home to OnEurope!