Who got the ticket next door?

So after three weeks of selection rounds, the cut-price Melodifestivalen that is Melodi Grand Prix has come to a head.

Before we go any further, let me take this opportunity to remind you of how our 9 finalists got here.  Will you the Heat OneHeat Two, or the Keiino fest that was Heat Three ? As a quick aside here, Gåte were asked politely if they could re-write the lyrics to their song “Ulveham”.  With just a week to go to the final NRK decided that having lyrics from a 1000-year-old folk song to whom no one alive has the copyright was too big of a risk to take if it won the contest – talk about pointless – but the band did their duty it seems.

And now you have worked out which song you wish had not qualified, let me take you through the shenanigans.  The nine songs were redrawn and performed in the following order with the result shown.  No super-final for this lot this time, straight forward voting procedure with 60 percent televote and 40 percent Jury.   Those results?

Save MeAnnprincess1617339
We Come AliveGothminister35801154
EyaIngrid Jasmin2220428
Green LightsMiia5422766
OblivionMargaret Berger2619457
Judge Tenderly of MeDag Erik Oksvold and Anne Fagermo58471055
My AISuper Rob and Erika Norwich45 1201653

…bloody good job Gåte changed the lyrics of their song innit.   This might just be a contender after all you know!

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