Whoops – that could have been awkward


Eugent gets his passportEugent Bushpepa recently announced he would have to skip the various promo parties ahead of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. He blamed it all on ‘technical problems.’

The ‘Bushpepa telegraph‘ went into overdrive. Was it money? Nerves? Was he in the witness protection scheme – and if so, shouldn’t someone point out he’s doing it very badly? Surely, it wouldn’t be because he didn’t have a passport.

Well yeah, actually it was. And rather than keep the situation veiled in mystery, Eugent has let the administrative cat out of the stupid bag and owned it on Facebook. He’s posted a photo of the envelope holding his lovely new passport and the visa form he couldn’t use to jet over to London. It looks like he might just make it to Amsterdam and Madrid.

Given the song was picked way back in December, it would seem the Albanian passport office is even slower than those in most other countries. Or maybe Eugent couldn’t get the photo machine in his local post office to take a picture he wanted to live with for the next ten years.

Anyway, we might be seeing him sooner than we thought.