So, who’s going to win then?

And so we’re here, it’s the Grand Final! What a Eurovision it’s been so far. Will we get the icing on the cake with a dream winner? We’ll know in about 6 hours time. I’ve had a lovely time: last night I went to the first ever bear party in Kyiv’s gay club Pomada, at which my friend from Hungary DJ Perfecto was playing. It was a hoot, with some Ukrainian drag queen realness to Eurovision tunes, and a great atmosphere. It’s so good to see Ukraine’s LGBT scene growing and diversifying. Ten on to the EuroClub for a belter of a set from DJ Ohrmeister, some of the best dancing of the week.

But it’s the business end of the reason we’re all here, and we have to move to the tricksy job of predicting. It’s astonishing that we have two of Eurovision’s least successful nations vying for the top, in Portugal and Bulgaria. It’s making it exciting that it’s not the easy win Italy was being set up for. I still want to see an Italian victory, but I’m less than convinced it’s going to. Could it be Portugal, after all this time? I’d be thrilled if it was. And whilst I’m less invested in Bulgaria Sofia would make a great host city.

But might we yet have a different song that sneaks through, scoring steadily throughout, and stealing the lead? Sweden. That’s my fear. Nothing against the Swedes, but we’ve been there so many times, and there are much better histories to write tonight.

And of course, my home entry; the UK has really done us proud this year. People are talking it up to top 10, even top 5. I’m. It going to go that far, but I really feel she deserves something at least mid-table with her performance at least. I never thought I’d be saying that at this point.

Enjoy the show, everyone! Fab Eurovision to you all.

Monty x