Why your favourite finished where it did – Part 2 – 20th to 16th


20th – Switzerland – 92 Points

So we start Part Two with another song I don’t get – which may become a theme as the placings get higher. To me, this was an angsty boy not reading the room and singing about how he didn’t want war, and, from the most neutral of countries, that sounded insincere to me. The juries were middling. It did get two first-place votes, but in the main, there is nothing to write home about – a bit like the song. Televoters treated it less kindly, placing it, in the main, just out of the points-scoring positions, because they saw through this.

Average Jury Placing – 12.287  Average Televote Rank – 14.361 (One last place)

19th – Poland – 93 Points

HAHAHAHAH! – I don’t care how this did because it pissed off a majority of Poles who had decried this song as “not being the real winner” – then, when it scored points, decided to STFU. Also, dirty old man, vote here.

Average Jury Placing – 16.758  Average Televote Rank – 11.222

18th – Moldova – 96 Points

A song which shows the disparity between the jury and the televote. The juries saw “Fulen, Deux” and couldn’t get their heads around it, apart from one juror in Norway. The televoters, however, saw “flute playing midget man” and gave it a modicum of love – Italy and, unsurprisingly, Romania gave it the most love!

Average Jury Placing – 17.006 Average Televote Rank – 10.611

17th – Spain – 100 Points

Spanish fans will still, despite this and every other site worth their journalistic integrity going ” Juries, yes. Televote, you’re having a fucking laugh”. They convinced themselves that Blanca Paloma was the second coming of the Virgin Mary, and she might have been. Still, no televoter in the world will actively pick up the phone for a woman orgasming at them for three minutes, Apart from in Portugal. Those jurors won by that “voice” gave seven first-place votes. A song that was squarely aimed at those middle-aged jurors did what everyone expected it to do…. everyone apart from those rabid Spanish fans who will now believe that Chanel is what is needed… every…damn…year.

Average Jury Placing – 11.466 Average Televote Rank – 20.222 (Three last places)

16th – France – 104 Points

This can be described as the one that got away for France.  More style over substance, I reckon, and when you look at the Televote results, it was almost close to getting more points. There are A LOT of 11-12-13 places, but that still equates to zero from their televote. The juries were not enamoured either. Sweden gave La Zarra her only two first-place votes. She failed to win anyone over enough despite the francophone world thinking she would have to simply “be French” – It didn’t work with Fulen, and it hasn’t worked here.

Average Jury Placing – 13.421 Average Televote Rank – 11.194

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10 months ago

The juries thought it was just trash. The televoters though, that to some degree, it was a trash worth spending money on it

The televoters were not impressed. It wasn’t Moldavian enough to make the televoters vote for it.

Another one in the category: were the juries doing their work properly? The song’s wasn’t to everyone’s taste but the juries should have seen through it and give it a small push. They didn’t. The televoters weren’t really interested and nothing could make them interested in this song.

It was quite a patronizing staging. Roughly the same amount of points from televoters and juries alike. And those who didn’t give her points, just showed her their middle finger by doing this. A well disserved gesture for someone who is just a bad loser.