Why your favourite finished where it did. Part 5 – The top 5


This should be pretty straightforward, yes?

5th – Norway – 268 Points

Alesandra ballsed up on Friday night – it’s a fact that many people who didn’t see it won’t accept, but that’s precisely what happened. ONE first-place jury vote, most of them penalised her for pulling out of the dolphin note and missing others. She was much better on Saturday, registering the third highest televote position, but the damage had been done.

Average Jury Position – 13.382  Average Televote Position – 5.444

4th – Italy – 350 Points

Twenty-first place jury votes and loads and loads of other single-figure jury placings meant that Marco’s sensational performance got the love it needed from the juries, winning five of them. Televoters had other things on their minds and, whilst voting for it in numbers, bearing in mind what was ahead of it in the results, they couldn’t justify spending money when the top 3 were miles out in front.

Average Jury Position – 8.584  Average Televote Position – 7.139

3rd – Israel – 362 Points

Sixteen First Place jury votes for a song that I don’t understand how or why it’s even this high up the table. It’s more dance break with a song worked around it, and I tried hard to understand the love for it. Four televoter twelve points also confuse me, but, hey, if it’s what the viewers like…..

Average Jury Position – 8.860  Average Televote Position – 6.801

2nd – Finland – 526 Points

Fourteen first-place jury votes because, as we have said before, juries don’t like fun things because that’s not their purpose. Their goal is to vote for the quality balanced by the televoters. However, even a jury lover like me must admit that 11th is far too low for this song. It could not recover the deficit even with the joint second highest televote score in history; one of those was Ukraine last year, and the other was Salvador, and points from everyone also couldn’t save it. This did what we expected. It doesn’t make it hurt any less.

Average Jury Position – 11.826  Average Televote Position – 2.055

1st – Sweden – 583 Points

Fifty-Five first place jury votes meant this did what we knew it would do – walk the jury because that’s what it was aimed for. Not a single televote placed it in the top position, and only a handful put it in second place – its points came from 3rd and 4ths, but it was so so far in the lead that Finland would have needed almost a complete set of 12s to win – and that was never going to happen. Sweden got points off every televote, except Finland (13th)

Average Jury Position – 4.309  Average Televote Position – 4.778

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10 months ago

Norway –
It has become a habit for them. Sending a song that the juries don’t like but the televoters vote massively for them. And after the televotes are announced they find themeselves in the top 10.
Not sure if she would have performed better on Friday evening, this would matter at all, as this is a kind of song that juries don’t vote for.
Doubling her televoters points between the semi and the final and getting points from every country televotes, with the exception of Lithuania.

Italy –
Not all juries were impresed, which is strange, to say the least. Same amount of points from jurries as from televoters(176 to 174) . He was better and more relaxed than in 2013, and it showed on the better results.
Italy is doi g what they are good at and another top 10 finish for them.

Israel –
No one talks about this, but this result is the outcome of long term planning. They had the time to figure out everything around this song and performance. They even made a deliberate decision not to do any preview party and managed to have control on the narrative around this song. You may not like the song or think it’s a song built around a dance break(which I think the same), but no one can argue that the long term planning paid off big-time. And Doron Medely understands Eurovision better than any fan(and he is a fan himself). Under his wings, Israel has 2 times top 10 and 1 win. So if you see him as part of the Israeli delegation, you can count that it will be a well executed plan.
Results wise: on the juries side it falls under the category : were the juries doing their work properly? The love of the juries for this song is a big surprise because, there were better songs in the final than this one. Televoters wise- between Tuesday and Saturday, she managed to increas her points by 58 points.
3rd place is way more than what the Israeli delegation was expecting.

Finland and Sweden will get my comment after I had a good sleep.

10 months ago

Finland –
Our latest in the serie – were the juries doing their job properly?.
With 14 juries giving no points to Finland and with only 150 points from the rest of the juries, the obvious answer to this question is no.

However it’s more complex than this.
In the zero point juries we have the juries where all members placed Finland so low, they wouldn’t score anything. There are also juries were some members placed Finland low and other members placing Finlan high and the average score wasn’t enough for Finland to score any point. Even with the juries where Finland got points, we see that there are juries, who place Finland lower than the rest, which bring the average score down and therefore bring the total score also down. In short it was a polaraizing entry and I suspect personal taste played here a bigger role than it should.
The televoters loved this one. Received points from everyone and not lower than 6 points.

On a side note- with a 57 points different between Sweden and Finland, the 14 zero points juries make a different. If each of those juries would have given Finland an average of 4 points, we may be going elsewhere next year.

Sweden –
Were the juries doing their job properly? – the spin off.

All juries gave this one points. But I ask myself if the juries were listening to the song or were they working on automatic pilot ? Do the juries turn a blind eye( or in this case being deaf) to the shortcomings of this song(my dislike to the song is documented on this site). Do the juries give extra points to Sweden, just because it’s Sweden.
At this point I think that the juries are very much Sweden’ s diaspora voting. Always blindly guaranteed extra points, no matter how the song really is.

Televoters , as Phil said, didn’t give Sweden any top mark. The televoters said, we like the song but we don’t love it. The televoters had someone else in mind as a winner. Unfortunately for them, the juries diaspora voting, had the last laugh.

Another Eurovision came ro and end and the winner is a song I don’t like. Nothing new here, it’s part of Eurovision for me. Sometimes, I don’t like the winner, which is fine. Sometimes,I like the winner, which is better.