Would it be Eurovision without a Ukrainian disagreement?

As sure as eggs are eggs and Russians are illegally invading Ukraine, with another Eurovision national final behind them, at least one of the participating acts is throwing their toys out of the pram.

Runner-up KRUTЬ has complained to organising broadcaster Suspilne about the winner TVORCHI’s performance claiming heir vocals were double-tracked. She also pointed out they’re connected with a record label active in Russia.

What did Suspline say?

Following an extraordinary meeting considered the assessment of the music producer of the National Selection, Dmytro Shurov. He noted that when listening to the broadcast recording of the TVORCHI finals performance, additional processing can be heard at the indicated seconds, which may be a double. This is a subtle musical nuance that only professionals will be able to notice. At the same time, he noted that he does not believe that such non-compliance of the record with the requirements of the rules is essential for evaluating the performance and choosing TVORCHI as winners.

The organising committee went to to state that they took into account the fact that several finalists committed minor violations on the night, but none gave sufficient reason for disqualification.

A statement explained further:

“During the preparation of the finale, a technical error may have occurred, due to which a double of Jeffrey’s live vocals sounded on the air in the soundtrack of the TVORCHI band for certain seconds. Such imprudence could really happen: during the war, under extremely difficult working conditions, with regular lack of communication and electricity. Due to the difficult sound on the site (subway trains) during the rehearsals, no one, including me, heard it before the broadcast. All of us – participants, organizers and music producer – worked in equal conditions and went through many difficult moments in order to make the final the way people saw it. For example, I listened to the lists of finalists while looking for a mobile connection in the newly liberated Kherson. I am very sorry that such a situation happened and I apologize to all participants of the final and the audience for this incident. I believe that he cannot question the colossal work of the entire team. We surprised the world again, because no one expected that the final could be held at such a high level under these circumstances. Both the jury and the people made their choice by voting for the most convincing number of the final.”

Russian connections

The broadcaster reports that “Believe” is a French company engaged in distribution in Europe and Asia. The distribution of finalists’ songs by this company is not a violation of the rules of the National Selection. Half of those taking part published their songs through the distributor.

The Eurovision Organizing Committee decided not to take any action following the complaints.

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