Estonia: Submission deadline

    Estonia at Eurovision
    October 20, 2021 all-day Europe/London Timezone
    • Songs can be submitted from 2 September. The submission window will close on 20 October at 12:00 local time.
    • 20 songs that will pass to quarter-finals will be in other languages and 20 songs will be in Estonian
    • The competition is open to authors and groups of authors who are citizens of Estonia, foreigners resident in Estonia or non-residents. However, the amount of non-resident writers on a song cannot outnumber Estonian citizens or residents.
    • Performers may also be citizens, residents or non-residents of Estonia.
    • Performers and authors can submit up to five songs.
    • Until October 17, the fee for participating €50 for a song in Estonian and €100 for a song in a foreign language or multilingual.
    • In the final phase of the competition, the participation fees will double to €100 and €200, respectively.
    • The competition song submitted to the competition must be the final version of the song.
    • 10 songs will compete in each quarter-final.
    • 20 of the initial 40 songs will qualify for the semi-finals.
    • 10 will progress to the final.
    • Organisers hope to have a live audience for the semi-finals and final.

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