Israel – Hakohav Haba 2019 Final

    February 12, 2019 @ 8:00 pm

    The marathon talent show reaches its final episode. Tonight it's time to pick who gets to represent the Eurovision host nation.

    We won't hear the song tonight - that's going to be allocated afterwards and in private, with the promise of a show to announce and feature the full package - most likely around the time of the semi-final allocation draw.

    Here are the four finalists of Hakohav Haba 2019:

    • Maya Buskila - A famous singer in Israel who twice tried to represent Israel in the Eurovision.
    • Keteryah - A soul/R&B/jazz singer.
    • Shefita - A character played by Rotem Shefi with zero filter. File under 'joke' entry.
    • Kobi Marimi - operatic voice who got here on a wildcard.

    Link to Channel 12 Keshet's live stream: