It’s 1981 at Podcast towers!


1981 Eurovision
So on we move to 1981 a contest that only a mother could love…

Thankfully it seems that I *am* it’s mother!

So what forensic information do you want to know about Eurovision 1981?

Don’t answer that, cos you won’t find any of that old guff on this reviewcast – Mr Phil takes you through the first half of 1981.

Think you know this contest? – You probably do, but listen anyway why dont you!

Note – Mild Swearing and hideous singing is contained within this podcast.

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1 year ago

It was me!! Thank you. Love this year.
Great job as usual. Looking forward to part 2

1 year ago
Reply to  doc

As an interesting aside, i believe Habibi turned down Hallelujah so they could have been ESC winners already by 81

1 year ago

Habibi’s win in the K’dam was seen as a sort of compensation for them missing Eurovision in 1979, when they eventually declined to take part with Hallelujah. The story behind the decline is told by Eldad Shrem, the conductor during Eurovision 1981(see link below)

During the K’dam they were playbacking and the Eurovision version sounds slightly faster than the original K’dam version.

(You will need to search the year and the name of conductor if you want to read the full story)