A Rare Midweek version of ” What the hell?”

Well, considering it’s the last Wednesday before the end of the 2021 Eurovision Selection Season, that must mean no songs left… yes? Well HELL NO, we’ve had an avalanche of songs today, so let me guide you through.


Gjon’s Tears is back with a happy-go-lucky little song called “Tout l’univers“; a song which claims to spread a positive message. Watch this video and stop yourself from slitting your wrists!


Never let it be said that you didn’t know what you were going to get from Greek broadcaster ERT. Greece has got out the identikit song writing folder, and coupled it with a fair few rhymes that would make even the Maltese cringe, to produce this. Yes Stefania recorded a banger and it has its constituency, but is it worth all the internet hype?

It’s always nice to see Dancing Brave making a comeback in the video …


To complete the trio of returning artists, Vincent Bueno, sings Amen, a song about “the inner struggle about strengths and weaknesses” … and not a dirge at all, with lines about a funeral, oh dear me no. Vincent seems to be doing a good job of carrying the song, but it does sound like something from an off-Broadway musical, and I’m not sure I like that.

As always, tell me what you think – or don’t, it’s up to you!!