And the ticket to Rotterdam goes to … G’day Montaigne

Australia went big, very big, for their national selection. This is the second time they opted for a public selection and SBS’s tails were up after last year’s perceived success.

The show, at 1030 CET – a sensible time if you ask me – was heavy on choreography and staging; seemingly the songs were a second thought, but that could just be me, I guess. An all-Australian (bar Måns) jury and an Aussie-wide televote (50-50 split) meant that the result was as below:

SongPerformers)Jury VotesPtsTelevoteTotalPsn
Gerbera amarela do SulFilipe Sambado76124163
AbensonhadoJimmy P4976135
Mais real que o amorTomás Luzia2438116
Não voltes maisElisa Rodrigues374378
MovimentoThroes + The Shine4665117
Diz sóKady5287154
Medo de sentirElisa551010201
Passe-PartoutBárbara Tinoco46612182

Keep an eye out for the winner – there’s some spectacular over-acting on offer. Montaigne will board a 24-hour flight to Europe next May at a record company’s expense. 

She’s a 24-year-old singer, born in Sydney who has had a couple of hits and won AIRA Breakthrough Artist of the year in 2016.