Before the Melodifestival – What the hell have we missed?

You know us here at OnEurope, we give you the coverage you deserve whether you like it or not, and that involves us, sometimes, missing a few things. And so, before the Melodifestivalen final, here’s a quick round up of what we’ve missed in the last few days.


On this occasion we were not deliberately missing out Australia – I just forgot to post it (That’s my excuse). Montaigne will sing Technicolour.


Always late to the party, Poland has employed the services of some Swedes to present a song which comes straight outta Melfest. Rafel should be recognisable to a certain proportion of viewers, as he presented the JESC back in November.


Ah yes, Latvia. What can one say that isn’t libelous about this country’s Eurovision record? Let’s agree on ‘poor’.

This year, LTV has gone (once more) with national final also-ran Samanta Tina. This time around, singing a song penned by the owner of the largest red dress in Eurovision History: Aminata.

Sadly, though, the song seems to rely more on names rather than any discernible tune, theme or evidence of talent from anyone. There’ even a Roop-esque hand movement to show the crowning of the queen.

She ain’t gonna be “slaying” anything but see what you think…